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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Plot kept under wraps.

Cast: Dan Stevens, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry

Director: Adam Wingard

Civil War

A journey across a dystopian future America, following a team of military-embedded journalists as they race against time to reach DC before rebel factions descend upon the White House.

Cast: Nick Offerman, Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura

Director: Alex Garland

• 109 min

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Dune: Part Two

Paul Atreides unites with Chani and the Fremen while seeking revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family.

Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh, Rebecca Ferguson

• 166 min

Monkey Man

An anonymous young man unleashes a campaign of vengeance against the corrupt leaders who murdered his mother and continue to systemically victimize the poor and powerless.

Dev Patel, Sharlto Copley, Pitobash

• 113 min


A father and his twin teenage sons fight to survive in a remote farmhouse at the end of the end of the world.

Nicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell, Maxwell Jenkins

• 92 min

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

When the discovery of an ancient artifact unleashes an evil force, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their home and save the world from a second ice age.

Carrie Coon, Mckenna Grace, Annie Potts

Arthur the King

An adventure racer adopts a stray dog named Arthur to join him in an epic endurance race.

Mark Wahlberg, Nathalie Emmanuel, Simu Liu

• 90 min

Wicked Little Letters

When people in Littlehampton--including conservative local Edith--begin to receive letters full of hilarious profanities, rowdy Irish migrant Rose is charged with the crime. Suspecting that...

Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Timothy Spall

• 100 min

Kung Fu Panda 4

After Po is tapped to become the Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace, he needs to find and train a new Dragon Warrior, while a wicked sorceress plans to re-summon all the master...

Jack Black, Awkwafina, Viola Davis

• 94 min


After raising an unnervingly talented spider in secret, 12-year-old Charlotte must face the facts about her pet-and fight for her family's survival-when the once-charming creature rapidly...

Jermaine Fowler, Penelope Mitchell, Alyla Browne

• 91 min

The First Omen

A young American woman is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to the church, but encounters a darkness that causes her to question her faith and uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that...

Bill Nighy, Charles Dance, Ralph Ineson

• 120 min

Coming Soon

The Fall Guy

Colt Seavers is a stuntman who left the business a year earlier to focus on both his physical and mental health. He's drafted back into service when the star of a mega-budget studio movie,...

Hannah Waddingham, Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt

Back to Black

The life and music of Amy Winehouse, through the journey of adolescence to adulthood and the creation of one of the best-selling albums of our time.

Marisa Abela, Eddie Marsan, Jack O'Connell

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Many years after the reign of Caesar, a young ape goes on a journey that will lead him to question everything he's been taught about the past and make choices that will define a future for...

Freya Allan, Kevin Durand, Dichen Lachman

The Watchers

A young artist gets stranded in an extensive, immaculate forest in western Ireland, where, after finding shelter, she becomes trapped alongside three strangers, stalked by mysterious...

Dakota Fanning, Olwen Fouéré, Georgina Campbell

The Bikeriders

It follows the rise of a Midwestern motorcycle club through the lives of its members.

Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy

Horizon: An American Saga

Chronicles a multi-faceted, 15-year span of pre-and post-Civil War expansion and settlement of the American west.

Jena Malone, Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller

Deadpool & Wolverine

Wolverine is recovering from his injuries when he crosses paths with the loudmouth, Deadpool. They team up to defeat a common enemy.

Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin

A Quiet Place: Day One

Experience the day the world went quiet.

Lupita Nyong'o, Joseph Quinn, Djimon Hounsou

Movie Guru's Current Movie Briefs

Since I write many of these briefs the day before the movies are released, what we have here are mostly ruminations on movies I have not yet seen. You will have to decide for yourself if these briefs have any value. I believe the less you know about a movie, the better chance you might enjoy it to the upside. Too many reviewers seem to go out of their ways to ruin for you with way too much information your upcoming movie experience. In fact my D graded Master’s Thesis proposed that reviews should be embargoed until after the opening weekends allowing moviegoers to see the movies fresh and without plot summaries taken right out of the press kits.

  • Civil War

    This is a major film by the Director of Ex Machina and other films that are both exciting and stimulating. I am guessing a Democrat is president, and Republicans start a Civil War, and all hell and worse breaks loose. Maybe the opposite. Even if both of these plots that I’ve made up are wrong, you can count on action in the movie and arguments after you’ve seen the movie.

  • Arcadian

    Just the way I like it. Another I know nothing about it movie. I looked up the stars. Lo and behold, it’s the latest in a long line of Nicolas Cage films made probably on a shoestring budget. I watch them all, mostly in the theaters, but sometimes on streaming if South Point doesn’t play them.

  • Sting

    Nope. Not the very fun Paul Newman, Robert Redford caper movie that is beloved by everyone who has ever seen it. This is a giant spider movie that is only 93 minutes long (good). Since this movie is opening against Civil War and Nicolas Cages’s Arcadian, I may miss it in the theaters if it doesn’t last a second week

  • Wicked Little Letters

    You know who you are. Lovers of all things English. This true story English comedy is your cup of tea. With milk, of course.

  • The First Omen

    This is actually the umpteenth (is that a word?) Omen movie. At least it feels that way. If they bring back Gregory Peck, I will be first in line. Otherwise my over under is 33 minutes. I would recommend Late Night With the Devil instead, but diverting the horror crowd from First Omen is a nonstarter.

  • Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire

    Amazingly the young grandkids go for these Legendary Pictures Monsterverse battles of the titans. There is even an Apple TV series first season called Monarch that intelligently brings these same monsters to streaming TV. But I continue to recommend the recent Japanese Academy Award winner for Best Visual Effects with a genuine backstory that equals the battles between post war Japan and the great Godzilla.

  • Late Night With the Devil

    I know enough that I look forward to this low budget late night talk show possession movie, but not enough to recommend it. Since the less I know going into a movie, the better I can enjoy it’s upside, I am avoiding all previews and reviews and keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

    I am worried about this latest Ghostbusters melange. I have seen the previews many times and I am fearful that there will be the sight of innocent victims impaled by frozen spikes coming out of the ground. Maybe not. Bringing back all the Ghostbusters of the past makes me feel like a spectator at a baseball old timer’s game; these guys used to be great. This is a must for those of us who have lived with the Ghostbusters for so many years, but I doubt that the younger generation will see the humor.

  • Knox Goes Away

    Directed and starring Michael Keaton in a small time action picture, this movie is right up my alley. Al Pacino, Marsha Gay Harden, and their ilk capture their small roled quite efficiently, and this little film is definitely a must see for those who like old-fashioned hired killer movies.

  • Love Lies Bleeding

    Every movie that Kristen Stewart appears in makes me reevaluate her boring performances in the twilight series. Now I believe she did a great job in those films playing a boring young woman and making it seem so natural. In this film, she captures her character so well it will take your breath away. The less said the better. This movie is not for the fainthearted.

  • One Life

    Anthony Hopkins in what might be the last role of his career. And he seems to have picked a good one. The true story of a great man who endeavored to save as many children as possible during World War Two, this movie is worth your time and money.

  • Arthur the King

    Mark Wahlberg maybe does it again. He finds real life stories from around the world and patches together movies that offend no one. This is not an easy thing to do nowadays. Including a dog, the actual star of the movie, makes the movie all the more endearing.

  • Dune: Part Two

    This is a tough one. The great David Lynch filmed the original Dune in 1984. For many that first version is an embarrassment. I would not go that far though I do not object to viewers who feel that way. Personally I think Ethan Cohn’s solo effort Drive Away Dolls is the real embarrassment. Anyway Dune: Part One was good enough to deserve a Part Two (although the 1984 Dune, less than two hours long and covering the entire classic novel explained the backstory in a much simpler fashion.) But I am not complaining. Just wanted to mention that I am personally caught up in movie lengths as the two and a half hour plus movie run times are not yet part of my DNA.

  • Kung Fu Panda 4

    Yes. I am taking the grandkids. The previews remind me of Kung Fu Pandas 1, 2, and 3. I guess that will be good enough for them as long as I break out the big bucks for concessions. If you happen to catch Jack Black promoting his voice role, I warn you his scrubby bearded face and growing belly are a surprise.

  • Godzilla Minus One

    This is a brand new English dubbed Japanese rethinking and tribute to the English dubbed (except for Raymond Burr) 1950s original. Bring the kids.

    Wrong! This is a terrific, subtitled flick; a great movie with incredible sound design and award worthy effects, with excellent screenwriting, and an unbelievable final battle that dissolves into an unexpected denouement. The premium XD theater presentation for this one is worth every extra penny.